Q, Do i need pet insurance?

A, We recommend all pet owners to take out pet insurance when you first get your pet as vet bills can be expensive. If your pet needs an operation or has an illness/condition that will need regular treatment pet insrance can cover these. Alternatively you can become a VIP member of our clinics keep an eye on our VIP page more details coming soon...

Q, How often do i need to worm my dog?

A, Recommendations for worming are:

     puppies up to 12 weeks need worming fortnightly,

     from 3 months to 6 months need worming once a month,

    6months plus need to be wormed every 3 months.

Q, How often does my dog/cat need vaccinations?

A, We offer great puppy and kitten packages for 1st and 2nd vaccinations (please ask for details) we can do a 1st vaccination from 8 weeks old then 2nd vaccination at 10 weeks old. once first set of vaccinations are complete it is required that your pet will need a booster regularly once a year, we also offer lifetime vaccinations.

Q, If my pet has an illness do they need to go on a special diet?

A, We offer a wide variety of foods for animals who may need to go onto a special diet because of their illness/condition, our vets will recommend which food is best for this.

Q, Do i need to microchip my pet?

A, The government are trying to bring in a new law stating all puppies should be microchipped, we recommend microchipping so if your pet gets lost or stolen they can be traced back to their owner, we have many pets handed in who are not microchipped and we are unable to send them back home.

Q, When can my pet be neutered?

A, Cats and dogs can be neutered from 6 months old it is required that if a bitch is in season that we can spey 3 months after the season.

Q, Do you do tail docking?

A, We do tail dock, however the law states you must hold a gun licence and that the dog will be used as a working gun dog.

Q, Do i have to have an appointment for yor clinic?

A, We recommend you make an appointment as our clinics can be busy, however you can walk into our clinic and a vet will see you, there may be a waiting time during busy periods, however if your happy to wait - we are delighted to see you and your pet as soon as a Vet is available.

Q, Is there a discount for pensioners or people on benefits?

A, We offer 10% off for pensioners and people on benefits, however proof of benefits will need to be seen to get the discount, also we have many offers on in our clinic as these are already discounted we cannot offer 10% off.

Q, If i cannot afford to pay all of my bill on the day can i pay in instalments?

A, We do require all bills for vet services to be paid on the day of treatment, however in certain circumstances we will accept half of the payment and a payment plan set up for the rest of the bill.

We also offer discounts for other things please ask in Clinic for details.

Q, What proof of benefits do i need?

A, JSA, Income Support, Incapacity benefit and Pension Credit are the benefits we accept in clinic to get 10% off.